Popular hugs, hip sheets.
It is a convenient goods that can reduce the burden of mama daddy when hugging, but it is necessary to be careful as the possible hugs may differ depending on the age.

Use a hip seat safely and comfortably with the basic information.

1. What is a hip seat?

As the name suggests, a hug item with a pedestal that puts your baby's buttocks. Because the weight is distributed, the burden on the arms, shoulders, and waist of mama dads can be reduced.

2. Hip seats are convenient!

It is not a shape that covers the baby like a hug, so it is convenient when you want to hug a little and repeat it many times. Recommended for hot weather.

3. Recommended from newborns

You can put your buttocks and hold them vertically after the neck, but in fact you can use it conveniently from the newborn. If you make good use of it, you will be a more encouraging ally for your mom.

4. Points to choose a hip seat

It is important to have stability, ease of attaching and detaching, and reducing burden on mama dad. Check the seat structure, cushioning, belt thickness, etc.

5. Hip seat carrier is recommended

Hip seat and baby carrier are the latest hugs and hip seat carriers. If you can remove parts that support the back of the baby, and use a product that can be used by a hip sheet alone, the ease of use will double.


1. What is a hip seat?

It is one of the items for hugging, hugging your baby's buttocks on the pedestal.
It has a simple shape with a waist pouch, but it is characterized by its weight.

If you put your baby's butt on the pedestal, Mama daddy will be accepted by your stomach and waist, so it is much easier than a hug that supports the whole weight of the baby by hand.

As you gain weight as you grow up, the long hugs become stiff, but in such a case you can feel safe if you have a hip seat. One of the features is that it is more compact and bulky than a hug string and is easy to carry.


2. Hip seats are convenient!

The biggest advantage is that it can be used casually because it is easy to put on and take off.

You can attach the belt part around your waist and click the buckle to attach it, and when removing it, you can use it easily with one step. Just put your baby's butt on the pedestal, so it is convenient for frequent holding up and lowering. For example, it is useful when you start walking, such as repeating your own walking and hugging.

Since the adhesion is lower than that of a hug, it is also ◎ for use in hot weather.


3. Recommended from newborns

Although it is not surprisingly known, hip seats can be used from the newborn.

For example, if you use it as a support when hugging horizontally, such as breastfeeding or sleeping, the burden on the wrist and arm of Mama Dad will be considerably reduced.

A short -born baby is as light as 3 kg, but if you hold it for hours every day, you will gradually accumulate fatigue, and as you grow, the burden will increase even more. Many moms suffer from tendonitis. It would be nice to make good use of the hip seats so that both mom dad and baby can spend comfortably.

If you have a baby sitting on a hip seat and holding it vertically, wait until your neck is sitting. If the skeleton and muscles are inadequate, the baby will burden the body and inhibit the correct growth.

As a guide, it is about 4 months old. The speed of growth is different, so do not judge only with the age of the moon, but make sure that your neck is sitting before use.

4. Points to choose a hip seat

It is necessary to carefully examine the ease of use, such as the stability and safety that can be used with confidence, as well as the ease of attaching and detaching and the less burden on the body of mamapapapa.

The main checkpoints are the thickness of the belt and the material of the seat. Thick belts will increase the sense of stability and reduce the burden on the waist of Mamapapapa. In order to enhance stability, the seat part requires a certain amount of hardness, but it is also important to have moderate cushioning to relieve the feeling of oppression and pain on the lower abdomen of mama dad. Check it without compromising in anticipation of the increase in the load as your baby gains weight.

Also, if you use it only on a daily basis, it will be a little stress if you cannot easily adjust the size of the belt. It is recommended that you can loosen or tighten it when you want to adjust it without loosening during use.


5. Hip seat carrier is recommended

In many cases, mamapapapa, who used hugs that can be used after the neck, buys hip seats according to the child's growth, or buy a hug. A hip seat and a hip seat carrier that wraps and supports the baby can be used for a long time, and if it is a type that can switch parts, the ease of use will be doubled.

Baby & Me, which can be used by switching parts, can be used as a baby carrier that wraps in close contact during the neonatal period, as a hip seat carrier that supports weight from the time when the waist is sitting and gained weight, and even a hip sheet alone is a newborn child breastfeeding. It can be used for support, lying down, and a little hugging after walking.

In addition, the wide waist belt can be easily adjusted with adjustment zipper, so it is convenient for both moms and dads in the perfect size. The pedestal part has a two -layer structure, the baby sitting is a light and durable material, and the part that hits the stomach of the mama daddy uses a soft -fit material, so both babies and mom dads can use it comfortably.


Hip seats that can easily embrace children who have become heavy and start to walk are now a necessity for raising children!
We recommend a BABY & ME hip seat carrier, which can be used in various ways from the newborn to the time to start a graduation from a newborn to a baby's growth and lifestyle!
First of all, please experience the comfort with the rental service.

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