A hug that has been completely established as an essential item for child -rearing moms.
When are everyone preparing?
I asked my senior mom why it was the timing and what was good to buy at that time.

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A hug that is indispensable for childcare. Do you need to prepare in advance, or when is it correct to buy?

I researched my senior moms.

When is it correct to buy a hug?

1. When are you all buying?

When I researched my senior moms who used the hug,The timing of the purchase isFalse and half of the prenatal and afterwardswas.Each has its own benefits, and it doesn't seem to be better.

2. Purchase together with other goods before giving birth

When you welcome your baby to your family, you need various goods. There are many ways that the hugs line up on the preparatory list. It is safe to purchase with other things.

3. Purchase after giving birth

You may feel necessary when you go out or do a house errand, so you may consider purchasing. In some cases, I felt the need but couldn't buy it in advance. It is a great advantage that you can buy it after trying it on.

1. When are you all buying?

There are a lot of survey data in the streets regarding the timing of buying a hug.It doesn't seem to be clear.According to the editorial department, the percentage of those who had prepared before giving birth and those who purchased after giving birth were almost half half.

According to the dataPremature groupAround 6-8 months of pregnancy, After the birth, the baby is a babyAround 1-2 months It seems that there are many cases that purchased. Many moms begin to consider purchasing because the image after birth is expanding, and living with the baby begins and feeling needs.

2. Purchase together with other goods before giving birth

The reason I purchased it before giving birth is "Shopping for childbirth and baby goods" 100%. You can see that the hug is now an essential item for living with a baby.
2-3 months before giving birth, half a year ago for early peopleIt seems to be preparing.


The senior mom who prepared early was"I was busy after giving birth, so I couldn't examine or go out slowly, so I was glad I bought it early."He looked back.

Aside from the timing of purchasing, researching a hug string when aligning other items will make it easier to narrow down the options in case of emergency. You can check the texture and cushioning of the fabric, so it is recommended that you pick up the product at the store.

3. Purchase after giving birth

Many moms seem to think about purchasing when they want to open their hands for opportunities and housework, when they want to open both hands, when they are lying or sleeping.

Some say that "I couldn't decide" as a reason I didn't buy it before giving birth.
There are various types of hugs, from a compact one of one cloth, such as a sling or a baby wrap, to a surviving sense of stability, such as a carry type or a hip seat carrier. He was at a loss and did not reach the purchase. In some cases, "I didn't know if I didn't know a boy or a girl."

The first advantage of purchasing after giving birth is that you can try it on.

The risk of failure can be significantly reduced because you can check the ease of use, such as where the fit and the weight of the baby are on the body.
If you have your dad try it on, you can choose one point suitable for shared. Shopping only for moms and babies is quite difficult, but if your family will accompany you, you may want to try out the products you care about before purchasing.


It is an indispensable hug for life with a baby, but the timing of the purchase is individual. Both purchases before giving birth and purchases after childbirth have its advantages.

The opinions of senior moms are introduced here in detail.

When do you buy? Hugging string [Hugging string should be bought before giving birth! ]

When do you buy? Hugging string [Hugging string purchase is recommended after giving birth! ]

Mom after childbirth is very busy and the physical condition is likely to change, soIt is important to consider and purchase when you are in good physical condition.

In Baby & Me, you can easily try it at home without going to the store,Rental of hugsIt is also recommended to use these rental services to actually try it and consider purchasing.

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