Maternity wear made by a hug string manufacturer for moms
"Baby & Me" "Promenal posture clothing"

Today, we will introduce "Mountain Parker with Ducker" filled with Baby & Me -like and mom's "I want!"

Pre -childbirth clothing that maximizes mom's voice

A roundtable discussion to make a hug that fits Japanese mama daddySNSWhile listening to the stories of many moms through"Through pregnancy, childbirth and childcare,It is difficult to express yourself in fashion! I want to enjoy more fashionable!I noticed that there were so many moms I felt.

"Maternity wear cannot meet the design that suits you."

"It's a waste to buy something that only uses during pregnancy ..."

For moms who feel like thatDesign that can be used as if you are changing your body shape, quality that can be used for a long time during pregnancy and after childbirthBaby & Me's new lifestyle wear "Paternal Wear" was born.

MINOTEC Mountain Parker with Ducker

I want you to always smile when you spend time with your mom in your stomach or when you go out with your mom.

It is an outerwear that can be used to select scenes such as the city, outdoors, from pregnancy with remarkable changes in body shape to active out after childbirth, incorporating the voices of moms cultivated through hugs.

A light and quickly pouring hoodie is easy to match with your usual outfit, and can be worn for a long time because you can wear it with a hug.

Functionality and quality that can be used for a long time

With ducker that can be stored

There is a ducker that can be covered by a hug, so it is safe even on chilly days and sudden rain.
You can refresh when you do not use the ducker. It's not a removal type, so don't worry about losing.

Uses a comfortable comfort "Minotech®"
Minotech special material

(Minotech) is a material that is developed by Teijin Frontier, which has a better water rolling than normal water repellency. Outstanding breathability prevents stuffiness due to sweat and keeps comfortable comfort.

Easy -to -move Stretch material

We use stretch materials that are easy to use for holiday activities.
Although the comfort is loose, the silhouette can be adjusted with the draw code on the hem and the button on the cuff, so you can wear it neatly.

Recommended points

・ Active not only during pregnancy, but also for going out after childbirth and hugs
・ Simple design that can be worn in the office
・ High -performance outerwear that can be used for holiday activities

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