Hugging string protection cape

Speaking of going out with winter babies, Cape is the first to be cold -proof goods.
Before the full -fledged winter comes, we have summarized the cape, such as what kind of item is Cape, what benefits, and what to choose based on.

1. What is Cape?

The cold protection cape is a cold -proof item that wraps the baby completely from the top of the hug. It is a necessity for going out in winter, which can be used easily and can spend a warm cold day.

2. Why a cape is good

 Cute cold clothes with Mokomoko are of course good, but the biggest attraction of Cape is that it is easier to attach and detach and can easily adjust the temperature.

3. One of the best for babies and moms

Both are important that the baby is comfortable and that it is easy to use and can be used conveniently. Let's choose a cape that everyone can stress the cold.

1. What is Cape?

Cape is a type of outerwear without sleeves, which is like a shoulder.
In baby products, the goods that are worn from the top of the hug and wearing the baby are called the cape.

Many strollers can be used, and in that case, they are used to wrap the baby completely. In addition to protecting from the cold, it is used for various purposes, such as insect repellent, UV countermeasures, and hiding the chest when breastfeeding.

In the case of cold measures, it is important to put your baby wear cold clothes, but if you wear too thick, it may be too hot in the heating room, so it is safer to have room to add. 。

From that point, the cold protection cape that gently wraps and wraps the baby from the cold.Items that are indispensable for going out in winterThat's it. The degree of cold varies depending on the time and the area where you live, so let's take measures with cold clothes.

2. Why a cape is good

In the winter, the temperature difference between the outdoors and the indoor temperature is severe, and the more you are cold, the more hot you enter the room and the sweat will spout.
Babies who are not good at adjusting body temperature and are susceptible to the surrounding temperature are particularly burdensome.

If it is a cape attached to the hugs, it can be attached and detached while holding the baby.Easy temperature adjustment according to the temperature differenceIt is possible to.

It keeps warm outdoors, and can be removed quickly in a warm indoor and prevent it from getting too hot ... It is important for babies to keep it in any environment, and if it can be easily done, the stress of Mama Dad will be reduced. , Two birds with one stone.

For soft materialsCompact when foldedSo, it doesn't get much luggage while you remove it.

3. One of the best for babies and moms

Being exposed to the cold, heat, and temperature difference can be stressful. The burden on babies who can not adjust the body temperature yet is even more so, and there is even a danger of harmful health.

Choose a reliable cape, taking into account not only the price and design but also the functionality so that your baby can spend comfortably and safely and do not need to wore your nerves.

The first important thing isBeing able to protect the cold。 andEasy to put on and take offEasy to cleanIt is easy to use. We recommend that you prepare both of them.

Kayomama's recommendation is Baby & Me's cold protection "High Performance Winter Cover"

BABY & ME cold protection cape
"High Performance Winter Cover"
Uses heat -generated batting,Absorbs infrared rays contained in sunlight and efficiently turned into heatSo, immediately after wearing it. It is also excellent in heat retention.

Uses heat -generated batting that absorbs infrared and efficiently turns into heat

The versatility that does not stop only in winter is also attractive.
Because the inner cab of the removable fleece material is thin and lightweight,If you use it alone, go out in the early spring and summer cooling measuresAlso ◎.
Inner / None, inner aloneHow to use 3 patternsSo you can use it all season.

Fleece inner cape mounting image Call -proof cape that can be used for strollers

One of the features of the outer material is that it is hard to get dirty and is easy to care for.
Both the body and the innerWash with a washing machine at homeSo you can always keep it clean.
Because it is used for babies with weak immunity, I am glad that you can keep a clean state with a little hassle.

One of the best for babies and moms, Baby & Me's ""High Performance Winter Cover
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