A long time ago, the mainstream was to piggyback. The "hug string" did not even exist, but it is now completely reversed. There are almost no opportunities to see Mama Daddy with a baby in the city, but there are also good piggybacks. This time, while introducing the good points of the piggyback, I will talk about how many months after birth, the strengths and weaknesses of the piggyback, the difference between the piggyback strings and the hugs and how to choose.

1. When can you do a piggyback?

Let's wait until the baby's neck sits.If you take an unreasonable posture before that, it will not only put a heavy burden on the baby's body, but may be injured.

2. Piggy strings and hugs, each personality

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is a good idea to use the piggyback strings and hugs according to the situation.The combined type that can be used for both piggybacks and hugs is convenient.

3. Points to choose a piggyback string / hug

It is important to choose a comfortable one that can be used in a reasonable posture, a safe one that can be used in a reasonable posture, a safe one without worrying about breaking or falling, and an easy -to -detachment.

1. When can you do a piggyback?

After the neck is completely sitting down

The piggyback is convenient for Mama Daddy because both hands are free, so various things such as housework are easier.
But it's NG to suddenly put a newborn baby. Wait for a piggyback until your neck is completely off.

A newborn baby still can't support the heavy head because the muscles around the neck are not developed. With development, you will be able to support and move your head on your own, but that is"The neck is sitting"about it.
If your head is wandered, you may hurt your neck muscles and nerves, or you may be damaged by your brain. Until your neck is sitting, you have to be careful, such as keeping your body on your head and holding your body.

Estimated neck sitting

It is said that the guideline for the neck of the neck is about 3-4 months old.
Of course, because of individual differences, some children are sitting faster, while others take more than 5 months. You don't have to worry too much, both late or early.

Whether the neck is sitting

① Can you lift your head in a prone state?
② When causing the arm from the state on the back, do you follow your upper body without hanging your head.

Check. If you are worried about checking yourself, you may want to check it out for 3-4 months.

2. Piggy strings and hugs, each personality

The feature of the piggyback string is that it has a simpler structure compared to a hug string, lightweight and compact.

It is the same as it feels easy to carry heavy luggage with a backpack, and for dads, piggyback is easier than hugging. Because the baby and the dad are facing the same person, the baby's body naturally fits the curve on the back of the mom daddy and has a great sense of stability. It is easy for the baby to have a low burden and is easy.

However, since the baby is not visible, it is essential to check frequently. Check your baby's posture, complexion, and facial expressions by using a mirror. It is also important to take a break from time to time without leaving it for a long time.

On the other hand, the advantage of being able to always observe the baby and it is easy to communicate. You can open both hands by using a hug. There are various types of hugs, from simple slings to solid things like hip seat carriers.

Because there is a baby on the front of the body, it is easier to feel the weight of the baby than a piggyback, and it is inferior to the ease of work such as housework.

Both the piggyback and the hugs have advantages and disadvantages, so it is not always better to be better. It is a good idea to use them properly according to the degree of growth of the baby and the situation at that time.

You can also use it for a piggyback! BABY & ME's hip seat carrier

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier can be used not only for hugging but also for piggybacks.

The Belk-S First set, which can be used for face-to-face hugs from a newborn, can adjust the opening of the baby's feet, wrap the buttocks firmly, and gently support the waist, so if your neck is stiff, you can also piggyback. OK. From around 7 months after the waist, you can remove the first parts and switch to the hip seat.

BELK-SFIRST set Oanbu imageBELK-S Onbu image

Hip sheet can be used alone, which helps to reduce the burden on mama daddy when hugging sideways with breastfeeding support or sleeping before the neck.

Hip sheet newborn baby hugging
Because it can be used for a long time since the newborn period, it is a major feature of Baby & Me's hip seat carrier because it can be used properly according to the degree of growth and scene.

OK BELK-S First Set

3. Points to choose a piggyback string / hug

Both piggyback strings and hugs are used almost every day, lifting and carrying babies, so it is important to first be safe and comfortable, and to use mama daddy.

It is an essential condition that the structure is solid with the shape that suits the baby's body and the durability that does not easily break. It is also important to be able to hug and piggyback in a moderately adherent state to eliminate the dangers of unexpected accidents and reduce the burden on the baby and mama daddy.
The hip sheet carrier is a hug with a "hip sheet" that lifts your baby's ass. The baby can hold it in a reasonable posture, and the hip seat supports the baby's weight firmly, reducing the burden on the shoulders and waist of mama daddy compared to conventional hugs. It is also very important that you can easily put on and take off.
If you are in the same posture for a long time, your baby will be tired, so you need to have a frequent break while hugging. Choose something that can be easily and safely attached or lowered.

Another important thing is the material.
In the cold season, you can add a cape to protect the cold, but if you are in close contact in the hot season, you will always sweat. GOOD is a material such as a mesh that is well breathable and easy to dry so that it does not get stuffy or heat stroke.
BABY & ME's hip seat carrier is mesh when the zipper on the back is opened, so the cover can be rolled and stored, so you can use it all season comfortably.

BABY & ME Hip Sheet Season Cover


About 4 months after birth and the neck sits, you will be able to piggyback. Prepare a hug and piggyback string so that you can use your hugs and piggybacks according to the scene. It is recommended because there are products that can be used together. Please examine the ease of use, such as safety, comfort, and ease of attaching and detaching, choose a dish that will make your baby happy more happy.

OK BELK-S First Set