For Baby & Me's hip seat carrierTwo seriesthere is.
What are the differences?
Here are the features of each series and how to find the perfect series for those who are lost in choosing a hug, "Which is the best suitable for me?"

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier is 2 series!

Belk and ONE-S product image

First, if you divide the Baby & Me's hip seat carrier into two, it will be divided into the Belk-S series and the One-S series.
Both are hugs with a hip sheet (pedestal), but there are major differences in how to use them in the newborn.

The biggest difference is how to use it in the newborn.

The difference between the newborns of Berques and WanS

Hip seat carrierA hug that can be used after the neck is firmly suitedis.
For the Belk-S series, select "Belk-S First Set"It can be used by newborns with the attached partsIt will be.
When using the ONE-S series for a baby in front of the neckI need an optional newborn padis.

Evolved hip sheet carrier Belk-s

Belk-S was created for a further fit so that the baby and mom daddy could spend comfortably.Baby & Me latest hip seat carrieris.
In addition, a set of hip seats and waist belt type parts are set.BELK-S FIRST setIs designed so that the parts can be switched according to the child's growth and hugging scenes.From birth to 4 years old, it can be used much more comfortably and easierIt is a very sustainable product.

Berques is a hip seat carrier that can be used by switching parts

Newborn babyIs small and soft, soA close -up hug stringIs required.
Hip seat carriers are strong in weight, and are very active when the weight of children gains, but their characteristic forms are low, and newborn baby hugs are a little weak.

In the neonatal period, I purchased a hug specialized for the newborn, such as a sling and a shoulder belt type,When the child became heavy, I bought a hug or a hip seat.There are many senior moms.

Also, the best hugs will change even if you go out, or to hug you, whether you are a mam main or papa.

Reasons for holding multiple hugs

The optimal hugs are different according to the child's growth, lifestyle and scene, so"Switch and use"We believe that hugs will make their daily hugs comfortable.

A hug that can change the shape according to the scene

Hip seat carrier Standard ONE-S

ONE-S is the standard of hip seat carriers. This is also recommended after siping the neck.
Simple design and fulfilling functions are long and popular products for Baby & Me.
If you use the optional "newborn pad" together, it can be used for children before the neck.

ONE-S hip seat carrier

Features of each Belk-s and one-s

Up to this point, we have explained the difference in how to use it during the newborn.

Then, my child is already sitting, so is ONE-S good?

 In addition to how to use it during the newbornThere is also a difference in the hip seat carrier itself.Next, I will explain the differences between BELK-S and ONE-S hip seat carriers.


Belk-s"teethBaby & MeIt is the latest model. It is a premium series that improves the fit and enhances the function from the conventional series! Click here for the evolved function!

Berg feature

Point 1 Head support that fits as it grows

Belk-S fit head support The child's head immediately after the neck is protected well with three -dimensional head support and fit adjuster.

Point 2 A long waist belt with length adjustment that is easy to share with dads and moms with physique

Belk-s length that can adjust the length of the waist

The size can be easily adjusted from the minimum size 58㎝ to the maximum of 124㎝, so it is safe even if there is a difference between dad and mom.
Even small women have easily tightened their belts.

Point 3 Removable large -capacity pouch

BELK-S Large-capacity waist pouch

If you go out to the neighborhood and take a walk, you can just take a pouch!
With plenty of gusset, there is a pocket inside and outside, so you can clean up the porch.

One -es

ONE-S isBaby & MeIt is a standard model of.
Among them, outdoor fabric is popularLightSeries has been supported by many moms since its release.

One S feature

BELK-S ONE-S series comparison table

BELK-S and ONE-S comparison table

Belk-s is recommended for such people

・ I want a hug with enriched functions
・ I want a hug that fits even small moms
・ I want a hug that can also use dads with a solid body type
・ I want a hug with storage capacity

If you want to use it properly, a BELK-S FIRST set!

・ I want a hug that can be used by newborns
・ I don't want to buy a new one, so I want a hug that can be used for a long time
・ It is attractive that the shoulders and waist are easy, but I also want a compact type of hug.
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ONE-S is recommended for such people

・ I just want a hug with easy shoulders and waist
・ I want to reduce the price as much as possible because it is a replacement
・ I want a hug that is easy to clean
・ Because the child is large, the hip sheet alone seems to be active
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Choose by color

Hugs are every day, so it's important to choose a color that makes you feel better, or to choose a color that is easy to match with the clothes you usually wear.
BELK-S that can be dressed stylishly even with a hug with a gentle nuance color. ONE-S with easy-to-use outdoor fabric. You can choose according to your preference.

BELK-S color variationONE-S color variation


Baby & Me's hip seat carrier Belk-S and One-S have introduced their features and how to select each.

The Belk-S First set also has a rental service that comes with a 5,000 yen coupon that can be used at the time of purchase.

I want to try it! I want to buy it at a great price! Please use it.