There are hugs that can be used by newborns and hugs that cannot be used.

Basically, the baby spends in the house during the newborn.
However, there are scenes where you have to take your baby and go outside. If you have an older brother or sister on the top, you need a pick -up at a nursery school, or if there are no relatives around you. Such mama dads are particularly safe to prepare a hug that can be used since the newborn.

What is the difference between a hug that can be used for newborns and a hug that cannot be used?

There are various types of hugs,There are types that can be used during newborns and types that cannot be usedSo you need to be careful.
The hugs that can be used during the newborns are made so that they can hold the baby firmly and adhere to mom and dad. Let's think about the point of choosing a hug string that can be used by newborns who have not yet sitting.

When can the hug be used?

When choosing a hug, it is important to check the target age and adaptation weight. It depends on the manufacturer and type, but the hugs that can have multiple ways (4 ways and 5 ways) called multifunctional types can be used by newborns and some require inserts, so be sure to check before purchase. is.

List of hugs that can be used by newborns


Newborn sling

Hold your baby from one shoulder like a hammock from one shoulder. The feature is that it supports horizontal hugs.

Lap type

Newborn lap type

Wrap a large piece of cloth around your body and tie it tightly. Some are like a T -shirt.

Baby carrier type

Newborn baby carrier

It is a type of hug that supports the baby with both shoulders, both shoulders and waist. The feature is that even beginners are relatively easy to use.

Hip sheet

Newborn hip sheet

A hugging tool that wraps a waist belt and puts a baby on the pedestal. There is an image of using the second hugs and children after growing up, but it is actually useful as an assistant to hugging in the newborn.

The point of choosing a hug that you want to know when you buy it for the first time

The age of starting to use

It seems that many moms who have an older brother and sister or do one -operated childcare use a hug from the newborn.Is there a possibility of using a hug from the newborn?So, the type you choose will change. Many people buy a new one as they grow.

Easy to put on and take off

A hug that is used not only for going out but also when taking care of a baby in the room. Because there are scenes that frequently attach and take off,If you can easily attach or remove it, your baby will take care of it smoothlyIt will be. Choose a hug, assuming the ease of attaching and detaching.

The period you want to use

When will you actually use a hug? In general, there are many products that can be used until around 36 months after the newborn or neck sitting, and some products can be used longer. A hug to use before the neckHow long do you want to use,orDo you want to use properly depending on the timeDepending on the point of choosing a hug string, the point of choosing a hug will change.

Load -bearing

The load capacity is always set on the hug. Choose a hug that matches your baby's weight.If you use it for a long time, you need to select a heavy load capacity as possible.。 As your baby grows heavy as you grow, you will not be able to support your body with a simple type.

When do you want to use

The type to be selected depends on the scene using the hug. A hug that is useful not only when going out, but also in various scenes, such as using it when you sleep, doing housework while hugging and piggybacking. Frequency of going out, etc.Assuming the scene to useLet's choose.

Material / breathability

The material of the hug string is also evolving. If it is a highly functional and easy -to -care hug, not only the baby but also the mom and dad are comfortable. The baby has a higher body temperature than an adult and sweats. Especially in the summer, it may be possible to get hot, so mesh materials, etc.Good breathable materialIs recommended.

Daddy can also be used

An era when men participating in childcare became commonplace. To have my dad actively use a hug, be sure to choose a hug with a couple. While comparing design and functionalityA type that is easy for men to useIt is ◎ to choose.

Baby & me hugs can be used from newborns!

BABY & ME's "Belk-S First Set" can be used up to 20 kg from the newborn.All -in -one hip seat carrieris.
Baby carriers, which are closely adhered and wrapped the baby firmly, still support the posture of soft babies with the skeleton, so you can use it with confidence in newborns. When your child grows up, you can switch to a hip seat carrier that distributes weight and hug up to 20 kg.

The shape of the hug can be changed according to the baby's growth

 See the Belk-S First set

The "Belk-S First Set" can be tried at a store that handles, and there is a "rental service" to be delivered to your home, and a "sub-skirt service" that can be purchased after several months, so your home with your dad. You can also try it slowly♪


Choosing a hug string with many kinds is something that anyone gets lost. In such a case, it is recommended to compare various types of hugs, considering the time, frequency, and scene. Please find a hug that is perfect for your baby and mom dad.