Baby & Me's hip seat carrier
How many kg can you use?

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier
BELK-S series and ONE-S series
Both can be used up to 20kg👶🏼✨

When is 20kg?
Do you hold it until it gets so big?

I think many people think
Actually, the hug period is longer than I imagined.💡

Even after walking
Walk! Hug! It ’s a repetition,Hold because I'm tired! Hug because I'm sleepy! I can't see it!I want to be spoiled!

… How many patterns holding this moment?👶🏼💡

So until I graduate
I want you to spend a comfortable hug life 🤗✨

Up to 20kg, safe and secure
To be able to hold as much as you want
BABY & ME Hip seat carrier
Designed based on ergonomics🌈

ㅤ し ㅤ