Thank you for your cooperation in the monitor.

We are about the handling of personal information to be acquiredJIS Q 15001The items specified in are specified as follows.


1. Personal information protection manager: Agency / Ascon Co., Ltd. BABY & ME Division Yuri Nagata

2. Purpose of use of personal information

purpose of use

・ To conduct a questionnaire to the monitor

・ To contact various items such as monitor selection, interview, term update, ending, etc.

・ To provide various services and information related to monitor activities

・ For sending, recovery confirmation, product development surveys and after -sales support

・ To create statistical data that does not identify personal information for the purpose of developing new services.

・ To carry out the work related to the incidental set in the preceding paragraph

3. About providing third parties of personal information

In principle, personal information is provided to third parties. When providing, we will obtain the consent of the person in advance.

4. About outsourcing of handling personal information

All or part of the acquired personal information may be outsourced within the scope necessary to achieve the above purpose.

5. Disclosure of personal information to be disclosed, etc. and inquiry window

At the request of the person, we will respond to the use of purpose of use, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, and suspension of provision to third parties (called "disclosure, etc."). In this case, we may make a phone call for confirmation.

<Inquiries about monitors>

TEL: 0800-100-1730

Reception: Excluding our company's appointment holidays, on weekends and holidays10001700

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BABY & ME Division Tokai Rin Chiaki

<Inquiries about personal information>

TEL 084-932-5912

Reception: Excluding weekends and holidays10001800

6. Voluntary and precautions for providing personal information

Input is optional. However, if you cannot enter the required items, you will not be able to achieve the above purpose.

7. About safety management measures for personal information

The acquired personal information has been necessary and appropriate for the safety management of leaks, loss, loss and loss, and other personal information.

8. About copyright

All copyrights, such as monitors' remarks, submits, and monitor activities, shall belong to us. The monitor shall not exercise the creator personnel rights to the Company and third parties.

9. About prohibited matters

The monitor must not perform any of the following acts or fears. Also, if the monitor does prohibited, we can stop the monitor immediately.

   (1) Acts with antisocial forces (gangsters, fraud groups, etc.) and acting together

   (2) Acts that violate public order and morals, laws, ordinances, and other laws and regulations

   (3) Acts that infringe the copyright of the Company, other monitors and third parties

   (4) The act of slandering, slandering the Company, other monitors and third parties, and the act of giving disadvantages

   (5) Acts that interfere with the operation of our business

   (6) Acts to make false answers in the application or questionnaire, etc.

   (7) Acts to be used to illegally use for sales and profit -profit purposes that we have not approved by the Company

   (8) During the term and the end of the term, monitor -to -monitors, information on monitor activities, information in our company (regardless of tangible intangible), an act of disclosure, leakage, and exclusive (posted on bulletin boards, HP, blog, SNS) Included.)

   (9) The act of transferring, lending, resale, and secured by transferring the right as a monitor to a third party

   (10) In addition, acts that make us judge that we are inappropriate as a monitor

 10. About damages

If the monitor damages the Company or a third party, we may claim the monitor for damages.