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Baby & Me -dedicated belt cover.

Fabric composition:(Body) 100% cotton (core material) 100% polyester

country of origin:China

When washing, gently wash your hands at the water temperature of 40 degrees. When using detergent, use a neutral detergent. Do not use fluorescent white or chlorine bleach. To prevent color transfer, wash it separately from other items. If you care for repeated washing or other than the condition of washing display, the print part may be cracked and peeled off. Also, do not use the product in such a state. After washing, do not leave it moist, adjust the shape before shading. 

Please do not store it in a place where your child reaches. Avoid hot and humid environment and store in a well -ventilated place. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not leave it outdoors or leave it wet. When storing, be careful not to hit the print part.

* The hip seat carrier body is sold separately.

* This product can be used in all series of Baby & Mebaby & Me.

* This product does not confirm the compatibility with other companies' hugs.

* Special prints are used for this product. Before using it, make sure that there is no crack or peeling of the print part.

* No harmful substances are used for this product, but if a print that has been peeled off in the baby's mouth is entered, it will be washed off immediately, and if you feel an unusual baby's health condition, be sure to diagnose your doctor. Please receive it.

* Be careful not to hit your clothes on your clothes.

* Since the pattern is different depending on the product, it may differ from the image.

* The color of the image may look different from the real thing depending on the setting of your PC monitor. Please note.