High Performance Winter Cover / Winter Cape


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BABY & ME cold protection cape
"High Performance Winter Cover"
(3WAY that can be used in face -to -face hugs, positive hugs, and piggybacks)

It is an indispensable item for going out with a baby. Baby & Me cape can be used only with a fleece material inner cover, so it can be used not only in winter, but also from autumn to spring. In addition, the fur attached to the hood and hood can be removed, so you can customize it according to the scene.

"High Performance Winter Cover" is a collaboration cape with "ROSK", a pioneer in cold protection cape born in Seattle, Washington, USA. By improving the fit to the hip seat carrier, it combines stylish design and functionality.

[Sunlight Warm function]

The Sun Light Warm Function is a function that can create sustainable warmth using the infrared light contained in solar, a renewable energy. 10 minutes after temperature measurement, it is about 3 ° C ( * 1) warm and can be used comfortably even in cold winter.

Baby & Me is working on reducing environmental impact and developing environmentally friendly products, such as utilizing recycled energy that takes into account the impact on the global environment.

* 1) At the Buken Quality Evaluation Organization, from the results of light absorption moisturizing properties [Test implementation date] August 22, 2019 [Test number] Q1019031893

Size: W60cm x H65cm
Weight: Approximately 560g
Country of origin: CHINA

Hugging face -to -face, positive hug, piggyback

Outer cape: Outer fabric, clogging, lining, fur/polyester 100 %
Inside Cape: 100% polyester

When using a washing machine, use a washing net in a very weak water current such as a dry course or hand washing course at a water temperature of 30 degrees or less, and hang it in the shade.
Use a neutral detergent when using detergent.
Do not use fluorescent white or chlorine bleach.
Remove the fur and use a neutral detergent gently.
To prevent color transfer, wash it separately from others.
The fluff on the surface may be obvious due to friction and washing.
After washing with water, the water -repellent processing gradually disappears.
Be sure to read "Precautions for handling" of the main body sewing label.

* We do not confirm compatibility with other companies' products.
* When using this product in "Positive Hug", be sure to remove the hood and put it directly on your child's head.