CORDURA Knit Combi Switching Shirt


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The knit part uses a CORDURA blend that is hard to become a pill, and the shirt part is made of supple material with excellent stretchability.

A pattern design that can be worn stylishly when the stomach grows during pregnancy, and is easy to breastfeed even during postpartum breastfeeding. The knit from the back shoulder to the cuffs, making it a relaxing feeling, rolling sleeves, can be rolled up, so it is easy to hold housework and children, but also has a good feeling. It is a material that can be washed at home and is a maternity wear that focuses on design and functionality that incorporates the real voice of moms.

80/2 Bio Weather COOL MAXⓡ BLACK/Gray (72 % cotton composite fiber 28 %)
* OFF WHITE is difficult to transparent (100 % polyester)
Corduraⓡ Knit (60 % cotton 60 % nylon 40 %)

Country of origin: China

Size: f

Color: Off White/Black/Gray

Weight: 225g

Product code: MT-21-511 (Off White)/MT-21-512 (Black)/MT-21-513 (Gray)

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