MINOTEC Mountain Parker with Ducker


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Uses Minotech®, a water -repellent fabric developed by the ancient rain gear "Mino".

Slide the water and play.
Stretch, lightweight, hard to get stuffy, comfortable with matte texture!

Because it comes with a ducker, it is outstanding that the hug is outstanding, so wrap the baby with the hug.

Hugging, both when your stomach grows up, or when your hug after childbirth is indispensable.
Even after graduationMountain parka with a ducker that can be used for a long time in the sceneless.

Fabric: Minotechⓡ Stretch weather(100% polyester%) 

Country of origin: China

Size: f

Color: Black/Navy/Khaki/BEIGE

weight :425g

Product code:MT-21-501 (BLACK) /MT-21-502 (Navy) /MT-21-503 (KHAKI) /MT-21-504 (BEIGE)

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