A hug that is indispensable for living with a baby. There are various types, and many people may be wondering what to choose. Here are some of the main checkpoints when purchasing, recommended hugs that meet your needs, when and how long they can be used.

What do you check when choosing a hug?

If you search on the Internet or go to a specialty store or a baby goods counter at a shopping mall, you can see that there are surprisingly a wide variety of hugs. From simple cloth to multifunctional hugs with solid construction, the appearance and functions vary.

There are too many options and I don't know which one to choose ...
You use it every day, and some products are expensive, so you will be careful.

There are some points to check when choosing a hug.
The emphasis will vary from person to person, but you will always want to check the simplicity, stability, safety, functionality, and the burden on the shoulders and waist of mama daddy. Find out and find something that you can use most comfortably.

What kind of hug is recommended?

The fabric hug, which is represented by the sling, has a simple structure and can be attached and detached because it can be attached simply by putting it on and on the shoulder. It is cheap and can be used easily, but since the baby is not fixed, care must be taken in terms of safety such as falling.

The hug string with only the shoulder belt can be easily attached and detached by hugging the rucksack in front. The babies are completely covered, so the adhesion is high, and it is safe and secure without worrying about falling, but it seems that only the shoulders are heavy, leading to pain in the shoulders and back.
Because it is relatively inexpensive, it is good if you want to reduce costs or use it as a sub. Recommended for mama daddy who wants to use a hug only only in infants.

For a type with a waist belt, the weight is distributed on the shoulder and waist, making it much easier to hold. As grows, the burden on mama daddy increases in proportion to the weight of the child, so for those who want to use it for a long time, the waist belt type is recommended.
As the structure is solid, the stability is outstanding. On the other hand, the buckle (fasteners) is generally on the back side, and it takes a little time to put on and take off. Some people may feel difficult until they get used to it.

In addition to face -to -face hugs, the type that can be used for positive hugs and piggybacks is called multifunctional hugs. Some products can be used by changing parts, for example, if only hip seats can be used alone, it can be used for a little hug just by putting horizontal hugs and hips. Because it can be used properly, it is recommended for those who want to use only one without buying multiple hugs.

When can the hug be used?

Although it depends on the manufacturer and product, many hugs are about 4 months after birth, which is a guide for sitting on the neck. When you hold a vertical hug before sitting on your neck, you need to attach your hands to support your baby's head or use a hug string that supports the neck.

A hug string dedicated to horizontal hugs that can be used before the neck is also sold. In addition, it is possible to use hip seats to support horizontal hugs, and if you support your neck and heads well, you can use it for breastfeeding and sleeping from the neonatal period.

Around 7 months after the waist sitting, the variations of how to hold, such as piggybacks and positive hugs, will increase.

Timing and reason for graduation

When I talked to my senior Mama Daddy, the majority is about 1-2 years old. The main reason is that the burden feels large when the weight is around 10 kg. Also, when a child begins to walk, he will repeat walking and hugging himself, and the trouble of putting on and taking off will also trigger a hugging string graduation.

How long have you used the hug?

Children themselves may dislike their hugs because their movements are restricted and sweat and stuffy feel uncomfortable.

A hip seat carrier that can be used even after one year is recommended!

Hip seat carriers are less likely to feel the burden of weight than ordinary hugs, and can be said to be long and easy to use because they reduce stuffiness and other problems with moderate adhesions.
In addition, if you use it alone, you can easily respond even if the number of hugs increases, so if you choose a product that can be used in various patterns by removing the parts for hugs, it will not be replaced or built up. Because it is done, the cost performance is ultimately high and convenient.

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