"BABY & ME BELK-S First Set" that can be used for a long time, from newborn to graduation.

Since it can be used by newborns, you may buy or celebrate before giving birth.
When using a hug for the first time, when I used it, I didn't know how to wear it, or I was worried that the baby's posture was right.

Here, we will explain how to use the Belk-S First set in the newborn.

What is a newborn?

In the first place, when does a newborn mean to the baby?
A newborn is a baby up to 4 weeks of birth (28 days after birth). The baby at this time spends most of the day. I almost never go out.

A newborn baby repeats sleeping and getting up during the day or night, so every time she breastfeeds, hugs and lays down ... some moms have long hugs.

1 ~ Holding in the newborn age ~

The recommended usage during the newborn child is a horizontal hug using a hip seat.
Just wrap the waist belt and put the baby on the pedestal, so you can wear it quickly when your baby is lining. It is a nice item for moms suffering from muscle pain and tendonitis because they only attach their arms and hands.

2 ~ Hugging in the newborn age ~

When going out with the baby begins, the number of scenes to hug vertically will increase. Be sure to use the first parts before the neck.
First of all, read the instructions and practice without a baby.
If you check the video, it is even easier to understand.


What are the points to wear?

If it is not installed correctly, it may be burdensome on the body of moms and babies, and the baby may feel uncomfortable.

Here are some points to check when you wonder, "Is this this?"

Baby position

Depending on the height of the mom, if the position of the waist belt is too low, the baby may be buried around the mom's chest. In that case, rewind the waist belt. The guide is that you can kiss your baby's forehead.

Baby posture

After wearing it, check your baby's posture and adjust it. Pull the baby's buttocks to the front so that the entire buttocks fit perfectly. Make sure your baby's buttocks are floating in the hug.

Head support

In the newborn, head support is folded and used. The standard is that the ears are slightly out. Make a head support according to the baby's growth and adjust it with a fit adjuster.

Click here for "How to Adjust Head Support" video

A hug is an indispensable help item for childcare.
By using it correctly, you can send a more convenient and comfortable hug life. Please enjoy the important communication with the baby who starts just after birth with a baby & me hug.♪


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