You can hold it easily with less burden on your shoulders and waist! And the popular hip seat in reviews, the only drawback is bulky.
Therefore, I will tell you three recommended folding and storage techniques for hip seat carriers by scene.

When you end up with a hip seat carrier

This is recommended when you use a bag or stroller storage space.

1. Fill the waist belt. The point is to make the belt ring as small as possible.
2. Put in the waist belt in order from the shoulder belt. Insert the head support part.
3. Completed.

If you fold it neatly, the height will be about a hip seat, so you don't care about the size.

Click here for "how to fold a hip seat carrier" video


When putting a hip seat carrier on the shoulder

The shoulder method is to easily carry the hip seats easily.

1. Fill the waist belt and pass the shoulder belt through the circle.
2. Extend the shoulder belt strap.
3. Completed.

Compact with the hip seat on

It is troublesome to remove it every time! In such a case, there is a way to solve the hug daran with the hip seat attached.


1. Fold the upper part under the hip seat with the waist belt wrapped.
2. Fill the upper buckle on the back side.3. Completed. This method does not hide the pedestal, so it can be used as a hip sheet alone.

Compact by switching parts

If you can switch the parts, you can use it in two ways: a hip seat that can be easily hugged and a compact waist belt type hug!

Hip seat carriers that can switch parts are introduced in detail in this article.

All -in -one hip seat carrier that can be used by switching

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