"I can only use it after sitting down," "I use it after my child gets heavy." wait a minute. There is also a hip seat carrier that can be used since a newborn, and recommended as the first hug.
In the first place, I will introduce what a waist sitting is and how the hip seat can be used before the waist.

When are you all buying hip seats?

A popular hip -seat and hip seat carrier (hug with hip sheet) that can be hugged relatively easily even if the child grows heavy as it grows. The advantage is that it is easy even if the child is heavy, but there is a feeling that it has been repainted to the image of "hip seats are prepared after the child is heavy".
In fact, it seems that there are many mom dads who buy hip seats in addition to their hugs, or buy hip seat carriers as the second (or later) hug. Many hip seats have been recognized as unrelated until then, as the target age is six to seven months after sitting down.
But, in fact, that's not always the case.

If you let me tell you from your senior mom

It's easier to have hip seats since the newborn! !If possible, prepare before giving birth!

What does "waist sitting" mean in the first place?

"Singing" is a baby growth process. It is a word I often hear, but what does "sitting down" mean?
In a nutshell, the baby can sit on its own.

Unborned babies cannot support their bodies with their upper body because their muscles and skeleton are underdeveloped. You can't keep your head straight, so you need to support you with your hands on the back of your head when hugging, such as in breastfeeding.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to hold the newborn.

Holding a newborn side hugging button

It was about four months after birth that my head sits down and my head stops wobbling. After two to three months, the back and waist muscles develop well and the waist sits down.
When your waist is sitting, your baby will be able to sit down without support.
If you sitting in a flat place such as the floor and sitting alone even if you release your hand, it is evidence that your waist is sitting. Try it in a safe place where there is nothing around you so that you do not fall and get injured.

What is the scene where the hip seat is active?

The hip seat is convenient for hugging a little because the baby's buttocks are only put on the pedestal. Because the structure is simple and easy to wear, it can be used easily when you want to use a short child or a short time, such as a short time. It is also very useful when you start walking and want to walk on your own or hug.

It is also recommended for sleeping. Because you are just putting your ass, you can gently lower it, and you can reduce the worry of raising your child who sleeps.
If it is a side hugging product, it can be used as a supporting support from the newborn, and the baby in front of the neck is very convenient for sleeping and breastfeeding.

A hipping string (hip seat carrier) with a hip sheet is not as simple as a single hip seat, but the sense of stability is outstanding. The weight is distributed on the waist and shoulders, and by wrapping the upper body completely and holding it, you can keep the position of the center of gravity near the trunk of Mamapapapa, so you can hold it relatively easily even if the weight of the child becomes heavy. 。

Recommended hip seat carriers that can be used from newborns

Some hip seat carriers have a specification that combines multiple parts. By changing the parts, you can use some ways according to the scene.
Baby & Me's "Belk-S First Set" is one of them.

The Belk-S First set is a set of three points, a carrier part, hip sheet, and first parts.
Career parts are the part that covers the baby's upper body and can be said to be the hug. The first part is a waist belt type part that gently wraps the baby's buttocks, and the newborn baby can hold it with confidence.
Until about 4 months after the neck is sitting, it can be used as a hip sheet + carrier part after the neck is solid, and as a hip sheet + carrier part, as a general lumbar belt type hug with a first part + carrier parts.

FIRST parts + career parts can be used up to 20kg (about 4 years old) as a hip sheet + hip seat carrier for hip sheets + career parts, so not only the growth of your child but also the usage scene. The point is that you can use it properly!

Hip sheet can be used alone, so it can also be used for hugging sideways and hugs after graduating from the hug. It will be active from birth to about 4 years old, so if you have one, you do not need to buy or buy more, and it is recommended in terms of cost performance.

If you want to know more about the product "BELK-S FIRST Set" products recommended for Premama, this article is introduced in this article.

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