In recent years, Mama dads who love hugs have become overwhelmingly large, but in the child -rearing information on the Internet, I often see voices that push piggybacks.
What is good about the piggyback, what the piggyback is, what is different from the hug, what is it better to have a piggyback string?

What are you good with?

The biggest advantage of piggyback is that the burden of the baby's weight is reduced.
As you can feel light when you put heavy luggage in a backpack, it is easier to feel the weight on the back side than the stomach side of the body.
Another great advantage is that the front of the body is empty to make housework easier. Work efficiency is much higher than hugging.
It is a nice point for busy moms to be able to work "while".
When the follow -up starts, it will be difficult to leave the baby, but if you are on a piggyback, you can do housework while skinship with your baby, so you can reduce time loss. One of the reasons why the piggyback mom pushes the piggyback is that he can sleep while adding something.

It's such a convenient piggyback, but you need to be careful because you can't see the baby's face. It is necessary to check frequently, such as whether the piggyback time is too long and is not tired, or if there is no change.

When can you use the piggyback string?

The baby just after birth has no power to support a heavy head. If your neck is still wandered, you can damage your cervical vertebra, which can lead to serious injuries and obstacles. Let's definitely avoid it.
The only thing that can be piggybacked is after the baby can support her head on her own. The state is called "the neck sits".
There are individual differences in the speed of growth, but the neck is about 4 months old.

Why is the hugs mainstream?

Until the 1960s and 1950s, the required items for raising children were piggyback strings. I often see moms who carry their baby and walk down their shopping bags in both hands, or to bloom in the story with their neighbors.
But recently, I rarely see moms who go out with a baby. The hug is overwhelmingly major.

If you use a hug, you can support your baby using your entire upper body, such as your shoulders, back, and waist, so it is much easier than hugging with your arm alone. While hugging, you can do various things because your hands are empty, and you can see your face because there is a baby in front of your body. You can hug your baby anytime. Convenience and security can be said to be a popular secret.
The disadvantage is that there is a baby on the front of the body, so it is difficult to see the feet of Mama Daddy. Be careful of your feet more than usual, so that you do not stumble and fall.

Recently, a number of manufacturers have released various hugs. The structure, functions, and prices are exactly different.
Many can be used as piggybacks, and some can be used from the age of 3 to 4, so the price at the time of purchase is higher than the piggyback string, but cospa is good. However, it is recommended that you carefully examine it before purchasing because the usage start and load capacity depending on the product.

What kind of hug / piggyback item should I choose?

While Mama daddy, who loves hugs, is the majority, the hip seat carrier (hug with a hip sheet) has recently gained popularity.
The hip seat is, as the name implies, a pedestal that puts the buttocks. Hugging the baby with the baby increases the sense of stability, and the burden on the shoulders and waist of mama dad is also reduced. The major feature is that you can hold it relatively easily even if your baby grows and becomes heavy.
If you choose a product that can be used with a hip sheet alone, it can be used for sideways support, so it can be used immediately after birth, and it is also useful for breastfeeding or sleeping.

Baby & Me Belk-S First Set is a product that includes a career parts that wraps the baby's body, a waist belt type FIRST parts, and a hip seat. Of course, it is OK to use the hip sheet alone.
Thanks to the career parts that gently wrap around the neck, it is possible to hold face -to -face from the neonatal period. One of the attractions is that it can be used for a long time from a newborn to about 4 years old because it can be used easily and safely up to 20 kg.

Belquestfast set that allows you to switch parts with your baby's growth and lifestyle
Baby and Me is 3 style 8 -way

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