Newly released by Baby & Me"Prominent after childbirth clothing"

Baby & Me, who has been involved with many moms through hugs,Incorporating the voices of moms, we have created a "maternity line" that focuses on quality and design!

Pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and busy moms can shine more.
It can be used in ON or OFF, so that it can be used for a long time after giving birth with simple care.
I want you to spend a lot of time from when you know that you will be a momHere are some of the "prenatal postpartum clothing" filled with Baby & Me's thoughts.

The concept is "Before and after giving birth, it is more fun and comfortable with the child born."

We are particular about the design that combines a line that looks beautiful even if the body type changes, the feeling that can be used by working moms, and the ease of movement that can be used on active holidays.
It is also important for busy moms to care. We use materials that can keep beautiful and beautiful with high quality.


CORDURA Knit Combi Switching Shirt

CORDURA Knit Combi Switching Shirt

With a supple stretch material, you can wear it stylishly when your stomach grows. It is an item that has a relaxed feeling that can be used firmly for ON, despite the relaxation and comfort with the knit.
There is no need for an iron because it is hard to wrinkle even if you wash it at home.

Knit combination switching shirt color lineup Knit Combi Switch Shirt Detail

Tapered pants/Nylon 4WAY Light Cross West Adjust

Tapered pants

It is a pants that can be adjusted step by step with waist tack and can be used for a long time from before and after childbirth. With a special design, the silhouette does not collapse even if the waist is adjusted.
Even if your body shape changes, you can keep the feeling properly, so it is a must -have item for working moms.

Tapered pants color lineup Tapered pants Detail

Baker Pants/Nylon 4WAY Light Cross West Adjust

Baker pants

Baker pants that can be worn comfortably during sensitive pregnancy.
Inside the waistYou can adjust the size finely with rubber and buttons with holes. Non -stress during pregnancy because it is easy to move. It is also useful for going out after childbirth.

Baker pants color lineup Baker pants Detail

MINOTEC Mountain Parker with Ducker

Mountain parka with ducker

While Baby & Me interacts with many moms through a hug, it is an item that incorporates a real voice of moms and the real voice of "I want this kind of product!"
Are the pregnant outerwear hesitated to think that the usage period is short?
Mountain parka that can be used after childbirth and wears with a hug string is an item that can be used for a long time because it is easy to match with your usual outfit.
Because it uses a material called "Minotech®" that slides water and avoids rain, the water -repellent function lasts a long time and has both breathability and stretch.

Mountain Parker color lineup with ducker Mountain parka with ducker Detail

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