Hello! Baby & Me's Chiaki! Many people are getting chilly and starting to prepare for winter soon.
Today we will introduce the winter hug life's necessity, "Snow Cape"!

The necessity of the winter hug life "cold protection cape"

I think that moms will take measures against the cold by going out in winter, wearing thick clothes and putting on a coat.What should I do with the baby's cold measures?For moms who think that CHIAKI recommends Baby & Me's cold protection cape!

Cape measures are more convenient than thick clothes

When it gets cold, the baby needs a warm coverall, poncho, knit outerwear and hats.
Especially when going out with a hug, thick clothes are necessary to protect the baby from the cold, but the cold protection with clothes is a bit difficult for moms.
When it is too hot due to heating, such as in a shop or on a train, you have to take off the hugs to take off your clothes. Also, it seems a little wasteful to have thick clothes for a baby that grows bigger every day.

If it is a cold -proof cape, it is recommended that you can easily prevent the baby's cold while wearing a hug string, and it is recommended because there are many strollers!

BABY & ME's cold protection cape/High Performance Winter Cover

BABY & ME cold protection cape

From now on, we will introduce the features of BABY & ME's cold protection "HIGH PERFORMANCE WINTER COVER" along with the points for choosing a cold protection cape!

1. Warmness to protect the baby from the cold

First of all, is it important to keep the baby from the cold even in the middle of winter? BABY & ME's cold protection capeHeat -generated battingusing.This is a functional material that absorbs infrared rays contained in sunlight and turns heat efficiently, so you can spend comfortably even in the cold winter.
In the temperature measurement with the comparative product, there was a difference of about 3 degrees 10 minutes after the start of the measurement.

2. Long Us type

It is warm because it is a specification that is covered with a hug, and the mounting is easy with clips and snap buttons.The inner cab that is inside and the fur of the hood can be removedSo, the temperature control is easy. When it gets a little warmer,You can also use it only with the inner capeSo you can use it throughout the year, such as going out in early spring and cooling in summer.

3. ease of care

The outer materialWater -repellent processingBecause it is done, it is hard to get dirty and easy to clean!

When you are worriedBecause it can be washed in the washing machine, You can always keep it clean.

4. Corresponding to various hugs

Of course, BABY & ME's hip seat carrier is compatible with all series. In addition to basic face -to -face hugs, it also supports positive hugs and piggybacks.

Even in the middle of winter, it can be used for a long time until spring.Baby & Me's "High Performance Winter Cover"
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