Have you ever heard the name "after childbirth wear"? Literally, it is a word that refers to clothes for giving birth and after childbirth. What kind of thing is, what is different from maternity wear, when to prepare, is it really necessary in the first place? We will answer such Gimon while introducing the features of pre -childbirth, variations, and changes after childbirth and after childbirth.

What is the afterl birth postwear?

Pre -childbirth after childbirth, as the name suggests, is a clothing specialized before and after childbirth.

Underwear and clothes worn when you are pregnant and get hungry are called maternity wear.
Before giving birth, that is, during pregnancy, my stomach gradually grows. The feature of maternity wear is that the size can be adjusted little by little, and the size can be adjusted and it is made of soft and soft fabric.

Even after giving birth, it will not be restored as soon as you are born, and your body will gradually return. In addition, after childbirth, there are more habits that are not before giving birth, such as breastfeeding and milking, so that the chest is easy to open, so that clothes devised for breastfeeding and milking are useful.

Most of the after -childbirth clothing is designed not only for size changes but also to respond to these needs. A generic term for highly functional clothing that corresponds to various changes before and after giving birth is "postpartum clothing".

How will your body change after childbirth?

In the early pregnancy (13 weeks), the stomach is not very noticeable, but in the middle (14-27 weeks), the stomach begins to grow and the breasts become bigger and stretched. The pelvis opens due to hormone secretion, so the buttocks begin to look bigger.
In the late pregnancy after 28 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the stomach, the opening of the pelvis will progress further, and the preparation for breastfeeding will be even larger.

After giving birth, the open pelvis is about 3 to 4 months, and the slack skin returns in about six months.

During pregnancy, your subcutaneous fat and weight gain, so you may want to work hard, but start exercising, such as muscle training, should be at least 1.5 to 2 months after giving birth.
The “Sanjoku period” is forbidden to recover until the larger uterus and the other organs pushed up due to the effects of their effects are restored. Pregnancy and childbirth put a heavy burden on mom's body. It is necessary to have enough time for recovery.

When raising with breast milk, moms have to eat the baby's energy, so they have to eat them well. Even in the case of milk, taking care of the baby uses more physical strength than expected, so there is a concern that energy is insufficient. Avoid dieting by dietary restrictions as it increases the burden on your body.

Do you need a prenatal after childbirth?

In conclusion, it is recommended that you prepare it, although it is not indispensable.
There are two reasons.
One is that even if your stomach, chest, and buttocks grow, there is no tightening, you can wear it comfortably and feel comfortable. The other is that the design is designed so that the silhouette does not collapse due to the body change, such as the hem rises due to the large overhanging stomach, so it can be dressed neatly.

I often hear voices saying "I use it for a short period of time, but it is a waste," but cospa is not bad because prenatal clothes can be used for a long time from the middle of pregnancy to giving birth. Rather, it would be priceless to be able to spend without the stress of wearing comfort and collapse.

When is it best to buy?

We recommend that you prepare it early in pregnancy or by the middle term at the latest.

Recently, many brands and manufacturers have sold out prenatal postpartum clothes, and many sites have been hit when searching for "prenatal clothes" on the Internet. A wide variety of products are introduced so that you can transfer them.

In addition, chains that handle baby products, women's clothing manufacturers, clothing mass retailers, and department stores are also increasingly handled for childbirth after childbirth. You can actually touch and try on the material to actually touch it, so you can shop with confidence.

It is a good idea to examine and prepare various things before your body starts to change significantly.

It doesn't seem fashionable, so I don't care ...

A long time ago, "Maternity Wear" was a mainstream, which was very uniform and poor design of pregnant women, but the era has changed.

There are many dresses with high fashion, such as switching under the waist and chests, and has a beautiful bottom and denim that is perfect for slim pants, office casual.

Some tops are designed to be able to cover their body shape casually using lace and drape. In consideration of breastfeeding and milking, there are some clothes with the front button type, the clothes with a design that can easily put out your shoulders, and some are easy to roll up. Because there are plenty of variations, you can choose depending on your needs and preference.

There are many clothes that can be selected according to TPO, such as work and outing, as well as everyday life.

I often heard the story of Premama who was worried that there was no maternity wear that suits the taste, but the times changed, and there were many clothing that focused on design and functionality came out during pregnancy and after childbirth. That's why I'm glad to be able to stay fashionable. Let's use "postpartum clothing" that allows you to spend comfortably during pregnancy with a large body change without burdening your body.

BABY & ME's "Prominent after -childbirth wear" is introduced in detail here.

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