How are you doing? Measures against heat at the time of hugging

The number of sunshine days has gradually increased.
What you care about when summer approaches ... "The hug is hot and stuffy"!

The baby has a high body temperature and sweats. "Hugging", where moms and babies adhere, tend to be hot, and given the recent intense heat, I am worried about heat stroke and babies. How are you taking measures against heat?

We use a cooling agent that can be freeated in the freezer, and a towel that is cool when wet with water.

The cold pack is an easy and repeated item, so it seems that many moms use it.
Make it on a towel or put it in a case so that it does not hit your skin directly.

Handy fan is useful! The inside of the hug is easy to keep up, so I take a rest and put the wind.

When going out in summer, frequent hydration and moderate rest are important. Be careful of basic heat stroke measures, such as avoiding hot times (around 10:00 to 14:00) and making it as cool as possible.

And choose a hug that you can spend comfortably.

What is the best hug string for summer?

For hugs on a hot dayBaby & Me's hip seat carrier is recommended!

It's cool because it's not too close

Compared to a close -up hug, a hip seat carrier that keeps the distance between mom and baby is perfect for summer hugs.

It's like sitting on the pedestal, so even if you hold your baby firmly, you won't tighten your upper body or thighs. Because it has a safety belt, it is safe in case of emergency.

Hip seat carrier has a moderate space and does not tighten the baby's body, so it is best for summer hugs.

You can adjust the temperature with the season cover

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier has a mesh fabric for the inner material that touches the body. In addition, there is a season cover on the back of the baby, and if you open the zipper, it will be a mesh, so you can spend a cool time without heat.

If you think it's hot, just open the zipper and roll it up, so it is easy to adjust.

Sleeping food that can be a sunshade

Sleeping food can be used as a sunshade other than when the baby sleeps.
The baby's head sweats more than expected, so it is more hygienic to remove and wash frequently.

Hip seat alone is cool MAX!

It is cooler if you use the hip sheet alone

If you want to spend even cooler, we recommend using a hip sheet alone.

Since only the pedestal where the baby sits, it is easy to hug and not hot anyway !!
Because you can hug you positively, your baby can be interested in and touch various things while walking.

Please send a wonderful hug life with a comfortable hip seat carrier even in summer.♪

Detailed explanations of the hip seat carrier are at the official online store!