Hip seat carrier domestic brand BABY & ME's latest series "Belk-S"

We will thoroughly explain how the all -in -one hugs that can be used from newborns, such as what is evolving compared to conventional hugs, the difference between a general hug and a hip sheet carrier, and how to use it by month, is a clever use.

Hip seat carrier

"Belk Series" is an innovative hip sheet carrier like never before

I'm interested in hip seats, but isn't the hip seat used after the child grows up?

When you hear "hip sheet", many people think of this shape.

General hip sheet

The hip seat is a chair that puts your child's buttocks, as the name suggests. You can quickly hold your baby just by wrapping it around your waist, so it is especially useful for repeated assistance for horizontal hugs during the neonatal period and repeating "walking!" And "hugging!"

How to hug hip seats horizontally and vertically

When a child is sloppy or wants to hug quickly, the hug that can be easily attached is nice!

Hip seat carrier is a hug with a pedestal

The hip sheet carrier is a hug shape with this hip sheet (pedestal) and the shoulder on the shoulder.

Hip seats can easily hold the baby, but basically need to be supported by hand.
It is convenient for "a little hug", but it is a little inconvenient because it does not empty when you go out or for a long time.

The biggest advantage is that the hug is that you can empty both hands and hug your baby safely.
thisA hip seat carrier that combines the good part of a hip seat and a hugis.

A hip seat carrier is a hip seat carrier

The shoulder belt and the waist belt are distributed to the shoulders and waist of the child to reduce the burden.
In addition, because it has a hip seat, it can lead the child's weight to the center of gravity of the body and keep the posture at the time of hugging straight.

The waist belt and the shoulder belt distributed the weight of the babyHip seats support the correct posture when hugging

All-in-one hip seat carrier "BELK-S First Set" that can be used by newborns

Baby & Me's Belk-S First set is a revolutionary hug that is in the form of a waist belt type hip sheet carrier by switching parts.

When using Belk-SFIRST parts


Why switch and use? What is the difference depending on the shape of the hug?

Children's growth is surprisingly fast, and the burden on the body increases accelerately.

When the neck is sitting (around 4 months), the weight is more than twice as much as you were born, about 3 times when you can sit down (around 7 months), and 10 at the age of 1. Some children exceed kilometers will come.

Child growth speed

With the same hugs as the newborn, the gain of the baby will be a burden on the body of Mama Daddy.

The optimal hugs are different depending on the age

Not only change in height and weight, but also the way you spend your time with the baby and the destination will change, so what you need for a hug string will also change.

Before the neck (until around 4 months)

I still rarely go out, and I often hug at home.
I often hug me, such as when I sleep or a crying baby. The baby who is born immediately is relieved to be wrapped in mom's hug.

・ Easy to use in the house
・ Close contact is important

After the neck sitting (around 4 months ~)

When my neck is sitting, I want to go out and let me touch various things. The baby is curious and looks at what interests you look at and touch various things to nurture your senses.
From here on, the weight gains steadily, so for moms with less muscle strength than dads, it is every day of hard work.
The ego grows on the baby, so the hugs may like or dislike.

・ It can be used for long outings
・ The baby is comfortable

From around 1 year old

There is a difference depending on the baby, but at the age of one, there are more than 10 kg of boys and girls.
There are many children who start walking, "Walk!" And "Hug!"

・ Strong weight
・ Easy to hug

As the baby grows, the optimal hug style changes, soIt is very important to choose the best hugs according to time.
Therefore, many mom dads have been replacing their hugs as their children grow up.

Each has advantages and disadvantages

Hip seat carriers are said to be the next -generation hugs of the waist belt type, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of waist belt type

・ High degree of adhesion with the baby
・ Be compact
・ When the child grows, the burden on the shoulders and waist
・ Multifunctional type is difficult to install

Hip sea type advantages and disadvantages

・ It is strong in weight and has a small burden on the shoulders and waist
・ Easy to install
・ It cannot be used for newborns

It was a solution to these disadvantages! BELK-S FIRST set!

With the Belk-S FIRST set, just replace the parts, a compact, close-up waist belt type, a hip seat carrier that is resistant to weight and easy to wear.It can be used as two kinds of hugs! Berques can be switched and used as two kinds of hugs

Review No.1 Reasons for winning the award is functionality that continues to evolve

* 2018-2023 Zexus BABY Review No. 1 consecutive award

What I value is that the baby, mom, dad, everyone is happy. BABY & ME's hip seat carrier has evolved for further fit and comfort.
From here on, we will introduce points unique to Baby & Me.

Butt spot

By putting a depth in the part that wraps your child's buttocksNatural M -shaped open legSupports the form of.
The fabric is made of mesh materialBreathability and cushioningIs excellent.

Comfortable buttocks

The crotch width can be easily changed with Velcro, and can be adjusted according to the child's growth.

Adjustment of the crotch width is easy with Velcro

Shoulder belt

To reduce the burden on the shoulders, the middle material uses a soft sponge with high absorption. Also, if the belt falls or floats from your shoulders, you will not be able to demonstrate your true territory. Belk-sNaturally fits both moms and dadsIt is designed in the curve to be done, and the weight is firmly distributed.

A shoulder belt that naturally fits the shoulder line

Waist belt

With adjustment zipperAdjustment of lengthI can.
It can be used by combining a simple size adjustment even if there is a physique difference, such as a slender mom and a daddy dad.

The waist belt is up to 124 cm

Head support

Fit adjusterCover around the neck. The sponge in the core uses a soft type on the side of the child's head, and a hard type on the outside to support the head firmly.
In addition, there is a commitment to a safe and comfortable hugging life.

3 types that are easy to choose according to the hug style

The Belk-S series is a three-type lineup that is easy to choose according to your child's age and hug style.

Bell Quest Fast SetBerquesBelleque hip sheet

Which is right for me? How can you use it? If you want to know more about the difference in the series, please check this article!

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