Baby vertical hug

There are "horizontal hugging", which holds the baby almost horizontally, and "vertical hugging" that holds the baby's body.
A newborn baby may not be able to support the weight of his head and his neck will wobble, so some mom dads will be worried that they can hug them vertically.
It is only about 4 months old that your neck is sitting and you can keep your head straight. Until then, it is safe to hug you while firmly supporting your neck and head.

This time, I will introduce when to hold a horizontal hug, the procedures, precautions, and hugs that can be used for horizontal hugs.

Five questions that are common in horizontal hugs

It is often unknown at that time, even though it is vaguely understood that hugging a baby sideways. There are some questions about hugging in the second place.

  1. When can you hug you sideways?
  2. When is hugging sideways useful?
  3. How do you do it? Hugging sideways
  4. What are the precautions and tips for hugging sideways?
  5. Can you hold a side hug using a hug?

1. When can you hug you horizontally?

Side hugs are possible right after birth. This is the first skinship between mom daddy and baby.
Newborn babies are immature, muscles and skeletons, very soft and fluffy. In addition, the body is small for the size and weight of the head, and it is not well balanced. Everybody is nervous for the first new mom dad, but hugging is one of the communications where babies and mom dads can feel the body's body temperature and see their faces. It's important as part of your baby's emotional education, so don't be too scared and take an aggressive hug if necessary.

2. When is hugging horizontally useful?

The main opportunity to hug you is when you are breastfeeding and sleeping.

Whether you are breastfeeding or breastfeeding with a baby bottle, when you drink milk, hold your baby around your mom's chest and let your back on your back. Indeed, it is a sideways holding position.

When you want to soothe or sleep, or if you want to sleep, it is effective to hug you in both arms, tap the baby's body lightly, or shake gently like a cradle. In addition to giving a sense of security by adhered to Mama daddy, it is relaxed by rhythmic gentle stimuli.


3. How do you do it? Hugging sideways

First, lightly lift your head from the side of the sleeping baby, putting your hands on the back of the head. If your arm slides underneath and the elbow comes to the back of the head, gently holds the upper body from the neck with your entire arm.

Next, put your opposite hand in the back of your knees and hold it up. The trick is to make a ring with both arms and to fit the baby completely in it.
If you hug you in a relaxed state with your shoulders, you will be relieved for your baby.Holding the baby's side

4. What are the precautions and tips when hugging horizontally?

The most important thing to keep in mind when hugging sideways is that it doesn't stretch too straight. It is ideal that the baby's back is moderately round, the legs are open in M ​​-shaped in a natural shape, and the arms are bent in a W -shaped arm.
If your back, legs, and arms stretch out, you may be too burdensome on your joints and muscles, causing them to have an irreplaceable effect on growth.
It is important to note that the arms and legs on the side that adheres to the body of Mama Daddy can easily grow.

If you make a ring with both arms and support the baby's back of the baby and the back of the knee with each elbow, your body will fit in the ring and your back will be rounded naturally and become an M -shaped leg. If the ring is too large or too small, the baby's posture will be broken, so adjust it to make it just right.
Also, even in the right posture, the baby will be tired after a long time. Check your baby's condition frequently and be careful not to put too much burden.

5. Can you hug you side by using a hug?

There are also special hugs specializing in horizontal hugs, but looking at the tendency of senior Mama daddy, it seems that many people use baby slings that wrap a baby in cloth and multifunctional type hugs that can be used for vertical hugs. 。

The sling is lightweight and compact, and it is also attractive that it is low. On the other hand, because the shape is not fixed, it may be difficult to keep the baby's position in an ideal state until you get used to it. In addition, since the structure is simple, more attention is required for safety management such as falling.

The multifunctional type is more expensive than a sling, and it is bulky, but it has a sense of stability, and it can be used for a long time because it can be vertical and piggybacked.

However, there are some products that cannot be used by newborns, such as 3 months, even if they are OK for hugging sideways. Hugging sideways in a hip seat

Although it is not surprisingly known, the hip seat used with a baby's buttocks when hugging or piggyback is also useful for hugging side. Mama dad's burden is significantly reduced because the weight of the baby can be accepted not only by the arm but by the upper body.
Baby & Me Belk-S is a set of hip seats and carrier parts that wraps the baby's body, so it can be used with a hip sheet alone. It is recommended because you can use it for a long time from a newborn baby by switching the parts for a long weight.

Baby & ME products can be tried on at stores, and there is also a fitting rental service to deliver to your home. Please experience the ease of use.