Before and after childbirth, where the body shape changes drastically. During pregnancy, your physical condition tends to be unstable, and you need to pay attention to your baby's health, so you have to pay attention to what you wear. Recently, clothes for after childbirth, which are not only functional but also excellent in design, are also expanding their options. Check what kind of post -childbirth clothing refers to and what is different from normal clothes. We will also introduce post -childbirth post -childbirth clothing developed based on the voice of mom by Baby & Me, a hugging string brand.

What is the afterl birth postwear?

Maternity wear, which was once called pregnant women. It is a devised clothes so that you can spend your time in pregnancy, where your stomach is big and your physical condition is likely to change.
It starts to use from around 4-6 months when the stomach begins to stand out.

One -piece type was once the mainstream, so that the stomach was not tightened and it could easily respond to size changes. Recently, there are pants and denim, so it is rich in variety. The feature is that it uses high elastic fabric and can be adjusted to the size, and is designed to make it look natural even if the stomach approaches.
Thanks to the extensive options, you can enjoy the same style as before pregnancy, according to your taste.

It takes a little time to return to the original body after giving birth. In the meantime, it is the advantage of prenatal postporal clothing to be able to keep wearing while adjusting the size and size. One of the points is that it meets new needs after giving birth, such as breastfeeding. Use it well to spend a comfortable and stylish and stylish postpartum life.

What are the characteristics of post -childbirth clothing?

During pregnancy, it is important to choose clothes that can be worn comfortably even if your stomach gets bigger. Tightening your body can make you feel sick, and there is a danger of squeezing your stomach.

Maternity wear for prenatal childbirth is also devised that is not noticeable.
If it is not a dedicated clothes, it is easy for the fabric to be pulled and the silhouette will be collapsed as the fabric comes out, but if the maternity wear made in consideration of the changes in the body shape of the pregnant woman, it seems that it can be worn in a natural shape. It is safe because it is designed. I'm glad that not only can you spend comfortably and safely, but also take care of fashion.
Clothes with a type that can adjust the size and the clothes that cover your stomach with drape etc. can be worn for a long time from prenatal to postpartum because you do not choose a body type.

After childbirth, lactation clothes that have a nursing mouth or have a front opening button. As the name suggests, it is a breastfeeding mom clothes devised to make it easier to breastfeed.

What kind of clothes are the prenatal clothes created by the hugging brand?

BABY & ME is a brand of a hip sheet carrier, a kind of hug.
Through the product development and sales of hugs, listening to the real voices of moms, the reality that the body shape changes greatly, the reality of becoming unable to wear more and more clothes, and the number of people who continue to work after the discovery of pregnancy is increasing. There are no pants or shirts that can be worn in the work scene. Based on the trouble, we have developed clothing that can be worn for a long time, regardless of the change in the body type, and before childbirth and after childbirth.
Focusing on design and functionality, you can wear it for a long time, from a pregnant work scene to a postpartum outing scene.

Here are some recommended points for each bottoms, tops, mountain parka.

BABY & ME's Prominent Paternal Wear -Recommended Points for Bottoms

Bottoms have two types of pants.

Tapered pants

Because there is plenty of room from the buttocks to the legs, it is difficult to get tough during pregnancy, and you can use it without choosing an office or formal scene.
The waist has a rubber on the back, and a snap button for size adjustment on the left and right on the front. With a snap button, you can expand 22 mm on each side 11cm at a time.
Before the stomach is noticeable, such as early pregnancy, if you stop the button inside, a feminine tack can be created in front of the waist, and even if the button is removed and the size is uploaded, the beautiful silhouette can be kept, so you can dress fashionably even after childbirth. It is a design.


A reminiscent belt with 12 holes at 3cm intervals is also included, so the size with the belt can be adjusted. It is also a nice point that the button for adjusting the size can be hidden with a belt.

Baker pants

Baker pants, which have a large pocket and thick silhouette, can be adjusted step by step in accordance with rubber with two holes and buttons in the inside side west.

It is one of the features that it is easy to move because it is a cool and cool and cool fabric, and has elasticity in four directions of vertical, horizontal naname. Because it is water -repellent, it is hard to get dirt, so you can wash it at home. There is no doubt that it will be useful when you go out with your baby after giving birth.

BABY & ME's Prominent and pre -childbirth clothing -Tops Mountain Parker Recommended Points

CORDURA Knit Combi Switching Shirt

A material that is hard to wrinkle is used, and it is a highly designed and designed shirt using knit material, emphasizing the ease of movement of mom from the upper back of the back to the cuffs, making it perfect for office casual.
The knit part uses a CORDURA knit that is resistant to wear, so you can use it everyday with confidence. It is also a nice point that you can wash it at home.
The cuffs are easy to roll sleeves because they are knit material, and are convenient for housework.

There is a tack on the chest, and it is a design that can be worn comfortably even if your chest and stomach grow in late pregnancy. It does not dub before or after giving birth, and natural drape creates an elegant and feminine atmosphere.

MINOTEC Mountain Parker with Ducker

Minotec ducker with Minotec ducker using a fiber and minotec developed with the technology inspired by the ancient rain gear "Mino" (Mino), the stuffiness due to sweat is released while preventing the wind and rain firmly, and the inside of the clothes is in the clothes. High -performance outerwear to keep comfortably.
A convenient item that can be worn lightly regardless of the season because it does not have heat.

It has a special water -repellent processing that rolls water like a ball, and does not have to worry about getting your clothes wet even if it rains. There is also a cover parts that cover the baby, so you can wrap the baby with a string and protect it from the rain.


Baby & me after childbirth after childbirth, where you can stay like yourself even if your body shape changes. For more information, at the official online store♪