A cold winter, where adults may get sick if they are inadvertent. Baby who has a small body and has underdeveloped body temperature control will put a greater burden. What should we pay attention to to make your health comfort and healthy?
We have summarized measures against cold weather, such as how to choose underwear and clothes to be worn on it.

What do you need to make your baby feel comfortable?

The optimal temperature for the baby is about 22-23 ° C. Many people feel that it is surprisingly low. Because the body temperature is higher than adults and the body temperature is not well adjusted, it is necessary to be careful about the choice of temperature control and worn.

* Click here for how to adjust the temperature of the room where the baby spends.

In indoors, underwear + baby clothes are basic. When it's cold, you can put two underwear on. Put on long underwear or combination underwear on your knees on short underwear up to your waist.
Underwear material is easy to absorb sweat and feel easy to feel. Fabrics such as milling and knit gauze are recommended.
Illustration of short underwear, long underwear, combination underwear

What is the best underwear for each age?

Newborn period -neck sitting period

From the newborn to around 3 months, you spend most of your time, underwear + one -piece baby dresses are common. If the room temperature is high, underwear may be used alone. Combine long underwear or combination underwear to short underwear.

Turn over ~ Hi -high period

If you are 4-6 months old, when you start to turn over, you can use a "botivi shirt" that looks like a T -shirt and pants, or a "cover all underwear" that can be worn with your crotch snapping. Let's change it.
After 7 months, if you become more active, such as hi -hi, wear a body shirt so that you don't get hungry even if you move, and combine tops and bottoms on it.

Standing up ~ Anyo period

From around 10 months, it will be easier to wear T -shirt type underwear that are not open forward. It is a good idea to shift while watching the child.

What kind of baby clothes are there?

Baby clothes on the underwear are long enough to cover the toes to the toes with the front opening, and the front open has a length from the thigh to the calf, and it can be made into a pants by stopping the crotch snap button. There are types of "cover all", skirt -shaped "dressall", and "two -way all" that can be both pants and skirts depending on whether or not to stop snapping.

If you don't move much, such as the newborn, in a baby dress or dressall, there are many mom dads who choose a coverall that does not get hungry or rolled up even if you move around.

If it starts to move actively, it will be in the upper and lower clothes

From around the 7 months of the waist, when you start hi -hi, you will switch to clothes with a separate up and down. Combine the tops and the bottom, add the best if it looks cold. Let your socks on the room so that your feet do not cool. While coordination is fun, it is time to take into account the ease of movement in addition to cold measures.

When you go out, you may want to prepare knit hat, gloves, leg warmer, etc. in order to protect your head and limbs from the cold of the outside air in addition to the coat and jumper. For small babies with low age, it is convenient to use cold clothes that can be used without sleeves, such as cloaks and cape.

Be careful not to warm up too much!

You may be too conscious of "don't be cold".
Babies often sweat because their body temperature is high and metabolism is active. If the underwear remains wet, you may want to cool your body and catch a cold.
Sometimes put your hand on your back and check if you are wet with sweat. If wet, wipe your sweat to change your underwear and adjust your clothes so that you don't too hot.

When you go out, the temperature difference between the indoors and outdresses is large, and it will be a burden for babies who do not yet adjust the body temperature. If you wear too thick to the outside temperature, you may sweat when you enter the room.
We recommend layering that is easy to add so that you can adjust it according to the surrounding temperature.

It is recommended to adjust the temperature with a cold protection cape that is easy to put on and take off

Wearing a cold cape that wraps the baby you hold is very convenient when you go out. Because it can be attached from the top of the hug, it is easy to put on and take off, so you can easily adjust the temperature when going back and forth between places with a difference in temperature, such as getting on and off a train or bus, or entering and going to the store.

BABY & ME's cold protection cold cape "High Performance Winter Cover" uses "heat -generated medium cotton" that efficiently turns infrared rays into heat, so it is convenient for temperature control, which is warm and removable in the middle of winter, so it is convenient for temperature control. It is also possible to use it alone. It is recommended because it is easy to clean at home.

* The winter cape is introduced in detail in this article.

Baby and Me's Cold Cape Introduction article

The baby cannot tell "hot" or "cold" by themselves, so make sure that moms and dads are frequently checked and adjusted so that they can spend comfortably.

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