Is it true that it can be used from newborns?

A typical hip seat can be used after the neck and the waist sitting, but in Baby & Me's "Belk-S First Set", it can be used from newborns before the neck is sitting.

BELK-S FIRST set that can be used by newborns

The BELK-S First Set includes a hip seat that wraps the baby's buttocks, a career parts that wraps the baby's body, and a type of waist belt (FIRST parts) that gently wraps the baby's waist.

Because the carrier parts are firmly held around the neck of the baby, when combined with the waist belt that supports the buttocks, "FIRST parts (newborn parts)", it can be wrapped in the body and hugs it so that it can be adhered to the mama daddy. , Reliable even for newborns.
If you switch the first part to a hip seat and combine it with a carrier part, you can use it for face -to -face hugs from about 4 months after your neck sits. From around 7 months when the waist is sitting, it is OK to hug and piggyback.

In addition, using a hip seat alone is convenient for hugging newborns. It also helps to reduce the burden when supporting nursing and sleeping before the neck. Even when you start walking, you can use it with a hip sheet alone.

It is a major feature of BABY & ME's hip seat carrier that it can be used properly according to the degree of growth and scene, and can be used for a long time from the neonatal period before the neck.

Why is the BABY & ME series popular?

Baby and Me winning history

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier is the No. 1 word of mouth of senior moms. In the Zexy BABY review ranking twice a year, he won the first place for eight consecutive times. It also has many awards, including the Kids Design Award, Good Design Award, Parenting Awards, and Kozure's "Hugging Heads I want to recommend to my mom" and "Hugging and Hugging Satisfaction" ranking.

Popular secrets are a higher -grade fun and comfort

One of the most reasons that many senior moms are loved is that they are strong in weight and can easily hug and piggyback.

Traditional hugs tended to be burdensome on their shoulders, hips, and neck, as the weight of the baby was pulled to the toe side of the mom's dad, that is, to the front and downwards. Baby & ME's hip seat carrier has a structure that keeps the center of gravity near the body of Mama Daddy, and can be hugged and piggybacked with the trunk straight, reducing the burden on the shoulders and waist.

Lift the weight and make your shoulders and waist easier

Of course, we are careful not only for Mama dad but also for the comfort of the baby.
The FIRST parts used for the newborns are three -dimensional structure, gently wrapped the baby's buttocks, supporting the correct M -shaped leg posture. The back is designed to keep a natural C curve.
Hip seats made of light and durable materials are devised so that the baby can stay in the right posture without pressure on the back of the knee or hip joint.

What kind of brand is Baby & Me?

Domestic brands of peace of mind that are particular about the details

Baby & Me is a Japanese brand of hip seat carrier.
It is a specification that matches the Japanese body type, and is designed to be easy to adjust the size so that it fits both mama daddy.
We work on manufacturing and production first to be safe and secure, and use high -quality materials that meet strict domestic and overseas standards. We have also acquired the "SG Mark" that guarantees that it is easy to use and safe.

One of the major features of Baby & Me is that the middle material of the hip sheet (pedestal) has a two -layer structure (dual form). The baby sitting is a lightweight and strong EPP form, and the lower abdomen of the mama dad is a soft urethane form, which reduces the pressure on the stomach of Mama Daddy while keeping the baby's posture firmly.

The secret of fun is dual foam

There are various commitments to the side materials.
Fasteners and snaps adopt products by Japanese companies, YKK, the world's largest zipper maker. The belt is made of smooth and glossy material, and is also considered to be slipping so that there is no catch regardless of the material of mamapapapa. In addition, the belt cover and drooling cover that have many opportunities to touch the baby's face is 100 % organic cotton.

The bundled parts are open to the public

What are the bundled parts of the BELK-S FIRST set?

The Belk-S body consists of "career parts" that wraps the baby's body and "hip sheet", a pedestal. The Belk-S First Set is a recommended set that can be used by newborns, with the waist belt "FIRST parts" on these two parts.

Belquestfast set bundled partBaby & Me's hip seat carrier has many other convenient bundles.
In addition to "sleeping food", which is covered by a sleeping baby to prevent neck kackun, a "belt cover" that can cover dirt easily due to drooling, etc., a "positive drooling cover" that is useful when hugging positively, and removable and large capacity. This is a lineup where you can spend a comfortable hug time as soon as you open the box, such as a "waist pouch", a "safety belt" that holds your baby firmly in case of something.

Bell Quest Fast Set included

Can you touch the real thing and try it?

When considering the purchase of the BABY & ME series, we recommend that you try it on so that you can feel the ease of putting on and take off, the comfort and comfort that is less burdensome on the shoulders and waist, and to be convinced.

Trying on stores can be experienced at stores around the country.
From the official online store, you can also use a "rental service" that you can try carefully at home. You can get a 5,000 yen discount coupon that can be used when purchasing at the official online store.
It is a fitting and rental service that is confident. Please use all means.

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