From among the many hugs, I would like to introduce Mama Daddy who is worried about what to choose, and how to introduce recommended products and points to use from the latest model "BELK-S" series of BABY & ME's hip seat carrier. think.

Belk-S is three variations

BELK-S seriesThere are three variations.


Hip seat carrier and hugs that can be used by newborns are set"Belk-S First Set"。 Hip seat carrier"Belk-s。 Convenient for hugging a little"Belk-s Hipset"
You can choose from three variations according to the hug style.

What should I choose based on?

I don't know which parts I need.

"BELK-S HipSeat" with only hip seats isSide hugging at home and a little hugging of the start of walkingI will play an active part."I want to use it as a hug!"In such a caseHip seat carrierIs recommended!

From here on, Mama Daddy tends to get lost in the hip seat carrier.The difference between "Belk-S First Set" and "Belk-S"about.
What kind of hugs do you need now?
I will tell you how to choose.

Difference between Belk-S First Set and Belk-S

First of all, I will introduce the contents of each set.

Bell Quest Fast Set includedBelques bundled

The Belk-S First set has a firstborn FIRST parts.
Belk-S is a hug that can be used from around 4 months when the neck is sitting, but the Belk-S First set can be used from the newborn season by switching parts.

Legal belt type BELK-S-sip-necking example examples
Hip seat carrier  Belk-s used example

How to choose BELK-S by age

Then, if your neck is sitting, you don't need parts, right? Belk-s is good because my child is going down soon?


First parts are actuallyIt can be used for a long time even after the neck is sittingThat's it! By changing the shape, you can use it in various ways according to the scene, so please choose according to your child's age, the hug string you have now, and your lifestyle!

CASE1 Pre -Mama

⇒ For pre-mama, "Belk-S First Set" is definitely recommended!

You can change the shape as your baby growsYou can always hug you anytime!

In the newborn period, use the first parts.
Because it wraps and supports the soft baby's neck and body, even beginner moms who are not used to hugging can hug them with confidence.
When your baby's weight gains and you feel a burden on your shoulders, switch to a hip seat.
Switching method is very easy!

Switching the Belk-S simply replaces the upper part with a hip seat

What is the switch to a hip sheet?monthsShould I do it? Do I have to switch when my neck is sitting?

If your neck is firm, you can switch to a hip seat and use it.

FIRST parts can also be used up to 20kg, so you can use them in either form after the neck is.
About 7 months after the waist sitting, the baby's weight is nearly three times as long as it was born. Hip seats are easy because the burden on the shoulders and waist increases.
Also, it is time for a baby to start to be interested in various things, so it is recommended to go out with a positive hug.
A positive hug can reach out to what the baby is interested in, or see the scenery with the same perspective as an adult.

Change the shape,Can be used for a long time from newborn to graduationSo, it's simple and advantageous than buying a new as it grows.

CASE2 4 months mom

⇒ Choose with the hug string you have now!

By this time, the baby's neck gradually sings. The rhythm of sleep is also in place, so it is good to take a walk using a hug in the daytime.
If your neck is firmly sitting, you can use a hip seat carrier alone!
but,A compact hug string is often neededSo, please select it depending on the usage scene or the hug string you have now.

I have a hug for a newborn

⇒ Belk-S FIRST set is recommended!

Since the period of hugging is still long, both the waist belt type and the hip seat carrier are very active!

The type of hug that supports with the shoulder increases the burden on the body as the baby grows. Since the period of hugging is still long, both the waist belt type that can be adhered and the weight -resistant hip seat carrier is needed!
When using the first parts, you can piggyback after sipping your neck, so it is useful for sleeping at home.

I mainly use strollers/I often move by car

⇒ Belk-S FIRST set is recommended!

The compact waist belt type and the hip seat are clever!

It is not bulky when using the first type, so it is perfect for putting on a stroller for spare. If you go out on a car, it is convenient to use the hip seat alone!

Has a multifunctional type hug

 ⇒ Belk-s is recommended!

The hip seat is easy to wear and the shoulders and waist is easy anyway!

Because there is a pedestal where the baby sits, it is very easy to remove and wear buckles and worn many dads.
It is safe because the baby's posture is stable and the hip joint is gentle. Please try the next -generation hugs born from anxical engineering!

CASE3 1 year old mom

⇒ Belk-s is recommended!

Hip seatHold up to 20kg easilyYou can use a lot even now!

The body is getting bigger and walking more often. With a normal hug, the burden on the shoulders and waist will increase considerably. There are times when you repeat "hug ~" and "walk ~", refuse strollers, or become "troubled" when you go out. To such moms, "Belk-sIs recommended.

Anyway, it is resistant to weight, and the burden on the shoulders and waist is lowBaby & MeHip seat carrier.
You can hug up to 20 kg, so you can still use a lot even if you buy a new one now!

Senior Mama Daddy's voice

User voice mom's voiceVoice of User Voice Daddy

Holding your child in child care is a limited period of time.

Easy and easier, please spend your time with your child's skinship until you graduate!

BELK-S Monthly age

BELK-S Monthly age

* The Belk-S series does not sell parts
* FIRST parts cannot be connected to Belk-S
* You cannot connect the upper part to Belk-S HipSeat.


The child's growth speed is very fast, and it is hard to find the best hugs each time.

While changing the shape

A hug string that is always snuggling with the baby every day

I'm glad if the Baby & Me's Belk-S series can help you with a wonderful hug life.

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