All -in -one that can be used by newborns
Hip seat carrier

With this one baby carrier
Hip seat carrier also
According to the growth and scene
You can use it properly😊✨

🎵Features of baby carriers🎵
Important for newborn babies
Hugging firmly

① A feeling of secure and secure adhesion
② Support well around the neck
③ C curve that keeps the baby's posture
④ Natural M -shaped legs with no burden on the hip joint

🌈Features of hip seat carrier🌈
Because it is resistant to weight, the burden of mama dad is also reduced!
A comfortable hug in a sitting position

① Reduce burden with hip seats
② BABY & ME's unique two -layer pedestal
・ EPP form that supports the baby firmly even though it is light
・ Fit soft urethane foam on mama dad's tummy

Until I was born, until I graduate
I want you to hug me much more comfortably.

Baby & Me unique
A lot of discerning points are packed💡