BELK-S FIRST set (newborn baby set) [Official online store limited 2 years warranty]


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"All -in -one hip seat carrier" is comfortable to match the baby's growth

This set of hip seat carriers that can be used most long from newborn to 20 kg, according to your child's growth and lifestyle. By switching parts, you can use it as a waist belt type, hip seat carrier, hip seat and 3style8Way hug.

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◆ The waist belt type wraps the baby's buttocks firmly in a three -dimensional butt spot, supporting natural M -shaped legs.

◆ In the hip sheet type, the pedestal supports the weight of the child and distributes the weight, reducing the burden on the shoulders and waist.

From the baby's neck to graduate from the baby, you can switch and use it according to your child's growth and usage scenes.

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Baby & Me_ Points of hip seat carrier

Reasons for fun that cannot be imitated

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier uses a unique two -layer structure (dual form) for mama daddy and baby. A combination of EPP form, which supports and distributes weight and urethane form that reduces the burden on the lower abdomen, is possible.

Baby & Me_ Why hip sheet carriers are comfortable

* Not all pains are reduced.
* There are individual differences in the feeling of use when worn.
* We recommend trying on before purchase.


Pursuing a comfortable hip seat

BABY & ME and Osaka Public University conducted a comparative verification test of the "peak loading values ​​applied to the abdomen (average)" using five different hip sheets of different materials in 2022, and Baby & Me's hip sheet carriers are abdominal carriers. It was demonstrated that the lowest load was small.

Baby & Me has been selected for the seven consecutive terms as the No. 1 Zexy Baby word -of -mouth, and has won many awards, including the Good Design Awards and the Kids Design Award. In addition, we are pursuing high safety and quality through various initiatives, including participating in the Koki Himo Homimo Safety Association and acquiring SG certification at the Japan Product Safety Association, as a proof of a safe and secure Japanese brand.

The important thing is that your baby, mom, dad, everyone is comfortable

We, BABY & ME, supports childcare full of smiles and happiness through the important communication of "hugging" in the new life stage of moms, dads, and family, which is the only time of the birth of life. doing.

Target age: Around 0 months to 48 months
Adaptation weight: up to 20kg
Compatible waist: 58-124cm
Weight: When using first parts (waist belt type) Approximately 750g
BELK-S hip sheet carrier Approximately 800g
Hip sheet alone about 430g

SG mark safety standard
(Product Safety Association CPSA0027 certification)

Surface: 100 % polyester
Food: (front/back) 50%cotton, 50%hemp * BLACK only hood cotton
Filler: (upper part) 100%polypropylene (lower) polypropylene (lower) 100%
Positive drooling cover / belt cover: 100% organic cotton fabric



[How to use]
First part + carrier
(Hugging face -to -face)
Hip sheet+carrier
(Hugging face -to -face, positive hug, piggyback)
Hip sheet
(Hugging face -to -face, hugging positive, horizontal hugs)
* Use of hip sheet alone is not eligible for the SG mark system

【Bundled items】
Hip sheet, carrier parts, FIRST parts, belt cover (left and right set), positive drooling cover, sleeping food, safety belt, waist pouch, instruction manual (with warranty)

[About SG mark safety standard]
Belk-S has acquired the SG mark recognized by the Product Safety Association.
The SG Mark is a mark that guarantees the safety and security displayed in the authenticated products as a suitable SG standard specified by the Product Safety Association.
In the unlikely event that a personal injury occurs due to a product with a SG mark, compensation measures will be implemented from the perspective of consumer protection.

The applicable monthly age of the SG mark system of this product is as follows.
● Vertical hug (face -to -face hug): 4 months (after the neck is firmly sucking) to 24 months (up to 13 kg)
● Vertical hug (positive hug): 7 months (after the waist is firmly sucking) to 24 months (up to 13 kg)
● Panbu: From 7 months (after the waist is firmly sucking) to 36 months (up to 15 kg)

※「Belk-s"Is not included.
* First parts are not sold separately. Also,"Belk-sYou cannot attach a first part.
* If you are using it from a newborn, please purchase the product (Belk-S First Set) on this page.
* Depending on the environment you see, it may look different from the color of the actual product.