My child is getting heavier every day ... I'm very happy to grow,It's about to be your shoulder limit! !
Mom who thinks so may be like a replacement of a hug.

If you think, "I still can still use the current hugs," or "I don't know what kind of hugs will fit me", sometimes it is difficult to step.

What is the time to buy a new string? What should I buy? Based on the questionnaire and the voice of a senior mama dad, we will introduce information about replacement of hugs and deals.

What did the hug buy? Is it necessary to buy a new one?

A hug that is indispensable for childcare. It is an item that is often used because it is active in the house as well as when you go out.
There are many things that need to be aligned for baby products, it is difficult to choose and the expense is large, so I think many people use rental wisely.
Large things, such as cribs, child seats, and strollers, those that are difficult to store or dispose of after use, rentals seem to be popular.
On the other hand, hugs are frequently used, and some products can be used from before the neck to around the age of 3, so it is better to buy them for a long time.

According to a questionnaire, the first hugs purchased at the first show that there are overwhelmingly many mama dads who choose a multifunctional carrier type that can be used for a long time.

Purchased hugging graph

However, when I tried using it, it was difficult to use it, the burden on my shoulders and waist increased as my child grew, and I hated my child for various reasons. There are many.

Questionnaire graph 1 for multiple hugs

What is the replacement of a hug?

In a questionnaire to Mama Daddy, which has multiple hugs, about 50 % of mama daddy"I use it properly depending on the scene and the person who hugs me."Answered about 30 % of mama daddy"According to the age of the month"or"I couldn't be satisfied "I bought itI have answered. Reasons for having multiple hugs questionnaire graph 2

As the child grows up, the burden on the body and the usage scene of the hug will change, so holding multiple hugs as it grows is a standard.
Also, if you use the hug you purchased at the time of the upper child for the lower child, you will be worried about aging.

When you should replace a hug

・ The burden on the body, such as shoulders and waist, increased
・ Hugs on hand do not correspond to how to use them
・ The shape is lost
・ There is rubbing and tears in the fabric

What should I choose? Can I rent a hug?

I'm not satisfied with the current hug, but I don't know what to buy.

First, clarify the purpose of replacing or buying a hug.
If you feel that your child is getting heavier, you need to switch to a hug string, which has a low burden on your body.
If you want to use it properly with your dad, it is a good idea to choose a simple installation for your dad according to your dad's size.
I want to hug me positively! If you think, check the variation and target age.

I understand the benefits of holding multiple hugs, but I want to keep the price as low as possible.

In the case of a replacement, if you have a main hug and want a sub, it is natural to want to reduce the price as much as possible.
If the period to use a hug is only a short period of time, it is recommended to rent it.

There are two types of Baby & Me hug string rental!

For Baby & Me's hug string rental"Trial rental"and"Subscription"There are two types, both of Baby & Me hugs"Hip seat carrier"It is a service that you can easily try.

What is a hip seat carrier?

A hip seat carrier is a "next -generation hug string" that can be easily hugged even when a child grows."Easy shoulders and waist!" "Convenient to use in various ways!"And many reviewsIn the Zexy BABY word -of -mouth ranking,1st place for 5 consecutive yearsIs acquired.

Baby and Me's Hip Sheet Carrier

Click here if you want to know more about the hip seat carrier

What is a trial rental?

Try -on rental"What is a hip seat carrier?" "I want to try a little before purchasing" "There is no store that handles Baby & Me nearby"For such a person,Hip seat carrier 1 month rental serviceis.
It comes with a 5,000 yen coupon that can be used at the time of purchase!

Click here for details and application for trial rental

What is a subclandable?

Subscript is the latest seriesThe Belk-S First set can be started from 3,960 yen a monthNew service.
After a certain period, the hug will be your customers. This is a perfect plan for those who want to buy after trying and convinced.

Click here for more information about the Belk-S First set

Subsque plan introduction

Subsquice feeMonthly 3,960Yen (tax included).There is no postage burden.
It arrives on the specified day, so you can start at any time. You don't have to go to the store.

Subsque recommended point!

・ New article arrives!

When it comes to rental, is it an image that a beautifully cleaning product arrives? BABY & ME's sub -screaming arrives new!
Not only drooling covers, but also new hugs will be delivered.
Cleaning is not required when returned after use.

・ Guarantees are guaranteed during the subs!

There is a product guarantee during the sub -skelt period, so you can use it with confidence. (Some warranty is not applied)

・ If you like it, you can buy it as it is!

Subsclant is delivered a new one, so if you like it, you can purchase it by paying the difference. After continuing to use for 10 months, the hug will be your customer at no additional charge.
If it does not fit your body, you can cancel (return) after the minimum contract period.


You can try it in various situations such as everyday life and outing, so you can consider it carefully! Recommended for those who want to reduce monthly payments.


Hugging is every day, so I want to use something that I chose and convinced.
I would be happy if you could refer to it for your more comfortable hug life.

Inquiries and applications to the official online store!